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The Building Process

Expect more when you build with Easystart

Every build is different depending on the size and style of your home and the block of land your building on. However each house built by Easystart Homes goes through a series of similar steps to ensure that the house is completed on time, on budget and without any nasty surprises along the way. 

Each Stage of the Building Process Explained

Pre-construction process

  • Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA)

    A Preparation of Plans Agreement or PPA is a process undertaken by builders in order to provide you with important documents such as; working drawings and engineering details of your new home. This is all done prior to you signing a building contract. Along with the site survey and soil report, these plans will help to determine the overall cost of your brand new home.

    At this stage you will receive access to our Online Portal where you can monitor the process of your new home at a click of a button. On the Portal, you can view progress photos and a detailed timeline of upcoming jobs to be carried out on your home. Copies of important documents such as contracts and plans are kept here so that it's all at your fingertips.

  • Site survey and soil report

    The site survey and soil report evaluates the condition of your land prior to building as this can affect the overall cost of your build. A site survey is used to identify different levels of elevation within your block of land as well as defining the position of a proposed construction & land boundaries. Soil reports are required to determine the load bearing capacity of your block and if a standard slab will be adequate or whether a reinforced slab is required.  

  • Building contracts and plans

    Following the PPA, site survey and soil report, a building contract and plan will be created by your Easystart Homes Consultant. This building contract will set out the terms of the contract including descriptions of the work to be completed, the parties involved in the contract, the contract price, as well as any deposits or progress payments required. The contract will also include the plans, reports and specifications chosen up until this point.

  • Pre-start colour selections

    Once your building contract is signed, you will then be invited to join our team on-site at the Style Studio where you will finalise things like; colour schemes, tapware, electrical point covers and any smart home functionality.

    It is at this stage that you meet your Contract Administrator who will help you throughout your build journey. Your Contract Administrator will be one of your key points of contact during your new home build.

  • Final plan sign-off

    Following pre-start, your contracts will be updated to include your chosen colour schemes. Any additional costs resulting from upgrades or variations made during pre-start will also be added to the contract, which you will receive and be able to review prior to signing.

  • Scheduling

    Once finalised and signed, your contract will be passed to our scheduling team who will co-ordinate the construction of your home.

Construction process

  • Siteworks commence

    Siteworks is the process of levelling & compacting the ground prior to building commences. It includes the clearing of vegetation, creation & clearing of sand, establishing footings for your slab as well as establishing the incredibly important sewerage, power and water services.

    When siteworks commence you will get to meet your Site Supervisor for the first time. With Easystart Homes, we give you direct access to your Site Supervisor, this means that you can call them directly to ask questions or check in on the progress of your home any time of day.

  • Slab down

    The first major milestone of the construction process. Slab down involves the pouring of your concrete footings & concrete 'slab'. Once cured, this will provide the base of your new home.

  • Brickwork complete

    The next major milestone is brickwork. Once completed your supervisor will ensure that the work complies with your plans and if you have chosen to render your brick it will be completed at this stage. 

  • Roof Cover

    At this milestone the roof is secured to your home, as well as plumbing pipes being cut into the walls and some electrical work being completed. Following this your site supervisor will organise a site clean to make sure that it is in a workable state for the ceilings, walls and finishes to be completed.

  • Lockup

    Your home has reached lockup stage. The cabinets and benchtops for your kitchen will be fitted, plumbing installed and the concrete floor poured into your garage. Your construction supervisor will arrange a meeting to discuss your tiling selection.

  • Finals

    During finals all the small details will be completed on your home. These finishing touches ensure that your home feels complete and ready to be lived in. 

  • Practical completion

    During the practical completion stage your supervisor will contact you to go through the final documentation. Following your practical completion inspection (PCI) we will complete any minor remedial works.

  • Keys/Handover

    Once any minor remedial works are completed and you are satisfied with the build we will handover the keys to your home and the home will officially become your very own.

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