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Building Your Home

So, you're thinking about building your very own home - super exciting 🥳 But we know it can also be a bit daunting... It’s a major decision, so much dough, and so much adulting. That ’s where we come in. We’re all about making this epic journey easy (and fun). So check out our resources below which will help you get started 🤩

Get to know the building process

Unlike buying an established home, there is a bit more to the process of building. But that is part of the fun. You get to decide exactly what you want, make the choices of the finishing touches and then watch it all come to life. There's nothing quite like it. ✨

We've outlined the whole process to give you a better understanding of how it all goes down we have outlined the process. From pre- construction to handover, and everything in between.

The Building Process

Choosing your home design

Your very first home. Exciting! Such a massive step.

Choosing a home design and all the selections that go in it
can be quite overwhelming. Our advice is to think about what you really need out of a home. What do you enjoy most when you are at home? Entertaining? Watching movies? Cooking for family and friends?

Don't know where to start? Browse our home designs and get a feel for what you like ➡️ then our team can help you work through the best options.

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Finding the right house & land package

If you’re thinking that a) finding and buying land and b) working out a home design that fits said land is all sounding a little too-hard-basket, then listen up: house and land packages.

This is where a home builder - like us! - bundles land and a home design to match in one package deal. You often get a choice of several home designs and several block locations - and you just pick and choose the one best suited to your needs and lifestyle. It certainly takes the legwork and stress out of getting into your first home.

Check out our latest packages to get you started.

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Frequently asked questions by first time builders

  • I want build my first home, where do I start?

    There is no hard-and-fast rule about where to start your building journey - you could start researching land and where you want to live, or take a look at display homes to get an idea of what layout you want for your home - follow your gut and what gets you excited!

    That being said, early on in the process you will want to get an idea of what you can borrow so that your land or home design research can be tailored to your individual situation. We know sorting out the dollars is not the most fun part of the process - and can be daunting - so we can help get you started with a free finance health check. This is a great way to find out what you can borrow, as well as get some tips to help you make home ownership possible.

  • What is a house and land package?

    This is where a home builder bundles land and
    a home design to match in one package deal and they are purchased at the same time.

    This means you know what the whole build is going to cost you and you can ensure you have finance to match.

  • What are land titles?

    Land comes with a document called a Title. Titles are legal documents issued by the Government, which show all the details of that plot of land as well as the current owner/s name.
    Sometimes lots in new estates haven’t had Titles issued so you’ll need to wait for that before you can build - this is not a bad thing as we can lock in the price of the block! ☺️

  • What is a House and land package loan?

    A house and land package requires a special type of loan. In fact, there are two loans: one for the land and one for the construction of the house.

    The loan is set up so you purchase the land upfront, but you pay for the house as it reaches milestones throughout the construction process (these are called progress payments).

    Your repayments will be interest only until the build is finished. Once construction is complete, your mortgage will kick in and you’ll start making principal and interest repayments.

What our clients say

  • Fantastic journey, amazing finish

    Built our family home with Easystart Homes, and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. We hired an independent building inspector, and he noted how our home only have minor issues compared to other homes he had inspected. It just goes to show how the build quality of our home has been really good. Again, thanks to everyone who worked with us, and have helped us build our beautiful home.

  • Stress free & easy

    This was our first home, and build. The team has made it a pleasant and stress free experience. They have gone above what we have hoped for, from our consultant's product knowledge and insights, to driving me and my partner around Perth to look at land blocks on his day off. They have always kept us in the loop and answered any questions promptly to help us in making it an easy process.

  • Very happy home owner

    Never thought that owning our own home would ever become a reality as we had tried before and failed because of financing. A simple online enquiry with just wishful thinking brought us Shawn, an excellent consultant. He helped us overcome obstacles and made our home a reality. We are very happy with our home and I seriously doubt it would have happened if not for Shawn.

    60 year old first home owner, Perth