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Government grants & schemes

Understand the ways you can get into your own home sooner with Government Grants for home buyers

One of the biggest hurdles first home buyers (or people getting back into the property market) face when trying to get into their own home is saving up for a deposit. However, thanks to the government getting a home you can call your own is a lot easier. There are a number of grants, schemes, and initiatives that are offered by the State and Federal Government that you can take advantage of. #winning

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme is an Australian Government initiative to support first home buyers purchase their first home sooner, which has been running since 2020 and has been in high demand.

Usually, first home buyers with less than a 20% deposit need to pay lenders mortgage insurance. Under the Scheme, eligible first home buyers can purchase or build a home with a deposit of as little as 5% (lenders criteria also apply). The government guarantees 15% of the home so eligible buyers do not need to pay the traditional Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). This means you could get into your own home with less savings and it could save you thousands on LMI costs.

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Family Home Guarantee

The brand new Family Home Guarantee is designed to help single parents get into (or back into) the property market and get out of the rent trap.

Single parents with at least one dependent will be able to buy a home with a deposit of just 2%! The Government will then guarantee the remaining 18%.

This means no Lenders Mortgage Insurance, which we know can be a barrier for people building their own home.

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First Home Owners Grant

The FHOG is a massive win for first home buyers who choose to build. The State Government gives you a one-off payment of $10,000 to help with their loan. The best part is, you don't need to pay it back - think of it as a gift from Mark!

There are a few basic requirements you need to meet in order to be eligible.

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First Home Super Saver Scheme

Simply put, the First Home Super Saver scheme allows first home buyers to save money for your home inside their super fund.

Under the scheme, eligible first home buyers, who make voluntary super contributions into their super, can withdraw these amounts (in addition to associated earnings / less tax) from their super fund to help with a deposit on their first home. If you’re eligible, the maximum amount of contributions that can be withdrawn under the scheme is up to $50,000. (But you don't need that much to get started!)

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With so many options available, getting into your own home is easier - but understanding what is the best option for you might not be. That's why we offer obligation free finance checks where we figure out what you are eligible for and what you can borrow.