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CLICK HERE to compare your rent to owning your own home 💰 

Use your tax return for your home deposit

Put your tax refund down as a home deposit and we'll add $10k.

Is there anything better than seeing your tax refund hit your bank account - extra savings without even trying. 🤜🤛

For a limited time, use your refund towards a deposit and we'll kick in an extra $10,000 to get you started. Not a bad time to get a place of your own, right?

And the best part? We look after everything from start to finish including:

  • Sorting your finance
  • Finding you a block of land
  • Building your perfect home


Unsure if you qualify for a home loan or just don't know where to start? Enter your details and one of our experts will be in touch. Easy as.

🤫 PS. You don't need to have completed your tax return to start the process. 

*Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Please speak to one of our finance experts to see if this offer is right for you.

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