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Back-to-Back: Winner of the MBA Project Builder of the Year 🎉

TRUECORE Steel Home Construction

Partnering with TRUECORE® to build your new home

Partnering with TRUECORE® to build your new home

We’re proudly powered by the Summit Homes Group. So we share capabilities and efficiencies across construction and design. When you choose Easystart Homes, you'll benefit from decades of experience, and the epic construction quality and innovation of the Summit Homes Group.

When it comes to the way we build homes, we’re committed to giving you choices (and lots of them!). One of our innovative building methods is Steel Framed, which means your roof trusses AND wall frames are made from trusted and sustainable TRUECORE® steel.

Real talk: we take sustainability seriously so did you know steel is the only material used in construction that can be 100% recycled and reused? It's for this reason, plus a bunch more, that we partner with TRUECORE® steel.

Why we love using steel

  • Strength

    TRUECORE® steel is made by BlueScope to strict tolerances and fully complies with all relevant Australian Standards, ensuring your steel house frame is strong and straight now and in the future. It also won’t shrink, twist or warp over time.

  • Termite Proof

    Termites and borers are a problem in Australia. So, its good news that frames made with the inner strength of TRUECORE® steel are 100% termite and borer proof. That means it doesn't need to be treated with insecticides!

  • Design Capabilities

    Greater design flexibility is possible because of the true, straight lines and impressive strength-to-weight ratio of TRUECORE® steel. Adding recessed ceilings or bulkheads to a design is more cost-effective with the use of steel in your home.

  • Efficient

    Our steel roof trusses and wall frames are engineered and assembled at our on-site, all-weather factory – making construction more efficient, and we're all 'bout that.

  • Fire Proof

    Roof trusses and wall frames made from TRUECORE® steel won’t catch fire and may help you achieve the standards required for building in even the most severely rated flame zone.

  • Ideal for Small Blocks

    Small (or narrow) blocks of land can often be tight for construction teams, so we entrust the accuracy of frames made from TRUECORE® steel to help complete your home in a timely manner.